Business Cultures Across The World

Business Cultures Across The World

A practical guide that focuses on what really matters in business and covers most of the planet for :

  • Understanding clearly the nuts & bolts of how smoothly and efficiently do business all over the world
  • Getting things done faster and safer
  • Avoiding misunderstandings, tension & conflicts
  • Preventing subsequent failure and losses
  • Establishing stronger relationships
  • Gaining an edge in negotiations
  • Building up competitive advantages by interacting better & faster
  • Enhancing overall business performance
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Improving profit margins

This is a simple guide, quick and easy to read : a few pages will provide you with local background and practical takeaways to interact efficiently and successfully in one zone or country,

There are no obscure concepts far away from day to day business, but the nuts and bolts for being more effective,

It is focused on getting things done: buttons to press, handling negotiation, women in business, professional meetings etc.

Business Cultures Across The World is for all who interact and work with foreign colleagues, suppliers, customers, partners,