• IT, Control, Marketing, HR, Process improvement Manager, traveling to a country you are not familiar with,
  • Corporate Manager supporting operations in a zone you do not know well,
  • Project or Task Manager, coordinating teams made of executives based in several countries,
  • Corporate VP supervising finance and reporting, production, supply chain, quality, R&D …
  • Manager working with foreign colleagues or dealing with international suppliers, customers or partners,
  • Enhance performances where you provide support,
  • Get things done swiftly, smoothly and efficiently,
  • Spot and fix misunderstandings,
  • Decipher veiled messages and detect the risks of tension and conflict,
  • Anticipate and address issues before they blow up,
  • Find and press the right buttons to motivate colleagues and establish lasting confidence,
  • Dodge the stumbling blocks that could damage relationship,
  • Truly adjust to foreign colleagues and partners, and not rely on superficial and simplistic etiquette recipes,

The practical guide BUSINESS CULTURES ACROSS THE WORLD provides you with:

A short and quick reading for each zone or country, focused on what you need to know, without obscure concepts hard to grasp,

The social and economic background that is enough to take a step back and understand the key features of each country or zone,

How twelve dimensions of business (time, trust, bond…) combine and impact management and trade in the various business cultures.

Takeaways to get things done effectively :

  • What does that mean ?

  • Which button to press ?

  • Handling negotiation

  • Business meetings

  • Women in business

  • Things to avoid